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ANNUAL EXHIBITION – 2019 will see the 31st exhibition presented by CMRCI.  Further information about the event are on the Expo tab.

The CMRCI undertakes visits to retirement homes mainly to provide entertainment and an element of interest to the residents.  We also take our layouts to church and school fetes, markets, etc, again to provide a form of entertainment, but also to arouse and increase public interest in the hobby.  Providing information to potential members is also an aim, albeit secondary.

The Club takes either our children’s U-Drive layout, or our large exhibition layout, depending on the space available and the audience. The reaction by both children and adults to the layouts is universally good.


Members showing off our wares at a local retirement village.


CMRCI received a grant from the ACT Government under the ACT Participation (Veterans and Seniors) Grant Scheme.

The grant enabled us, as (largely) a group of older ACT residents, to design and build a display railway model layout that can be transported to community events and aged care facilities.  Two objectives were realised – club members developed and used skills in the design and construction activity, and the layout will allow club members to interact with the community, particularly younger members of the public when it is displayed.

The project is now finished.  The layout has been named Charlestown in honour of, and to remember our long time member and friend Charles Schuster, who passed away in 2017.  Charlestown was formally launched at the Club’s Expo on 24 March 2018 by Janet Schuster and Ms Suzanne Orr MLA representing the ACT Government who provided the grant that enabled construction of Charlestown.


Members at work on Charlestown during its construction

Mrs Janet Schuster and Ms Suzanne Orr MLA inspecting the layout immediately after the launch ceremony


The images below show the finished layout


VALE – Charles and Errol
It is with great regret that we note the passing of two of the club’s strongest supporters. Both were model railway enthusiasts of some note.
Charles Schuster was a life member of CMRCI and was known to many people in the wider model railway fraternity. The Club’s new children’s U-Drive layout has been named “Charlestown” in his honour
Errol was our Treasurer and a long standing committee member.


Long trains were the go at the 2017 Queanbeyan Show on 11th & 12th of November when CMRCI took the Mentor Program Queanbeyan layout for display in the pavilion. Overall, there were 8 of our student team there at various times to show off their handiwork by running trains. Students reported to school staff afterwards that they had a great time there!

Over the Show weekend, our student team kept up the movement of passenger and goods trains and were able to demonstrate their operational abilities to an interested audience. Points on the front of the layout were mainly student-operated using the touch-screen. At least 2 operators were running trains during exhibition hours.

All up, eight of the students in the Mentor Program were involved in operations over the two days of the Show. Members of our Club Mentor Team were there to help set-up on the Friday as well as assisting students with the layout. We also had a couple of extra club members assisting, and their help was gratefully accepted.

The Queanbeyan layout at the Queanbeyan Show November 2017.

Trains running on the layout were mainly of NSW outline, but there were several “trial” trains that the NSW Govt. was obviously assessing for future introduction to the line. George’s 3-car EMU set in Southwest Trains livery performed well and drew some admiring glances. We confidently expect to see a “Country link” version appear sometime in the future.

The Mentor program has now been running for 6 years and a layout has been exhibited at our EXPO each year and at Queanbeyan Show for the past 2 years.

CMRCI attended the Wagga exhibition again this year in what is becoming an annual event for us.

The club’s exhibition layout “Petersville” won the award for the Best Model Train Display.

The CMCRI “Petersville” layout in action at the Wagga exhibition


The Mentoring Groups current project is based on a layout called Iron Rock Pass. The layout was completed in a basic form for our 2017 EXPO, but the mountains & stream were rather rudimentary, but served the purpose.
After a lot of work had been done on the Queanbeyan layout in time for it to be exhibited at the Queanbeyan Show in November 2017 and then at the 2018 Canberra Model Railway Club Epo, we are back on the task of improving the scenery on Iron Rock Pass.

The two main objectives are:

(a) to make the mountains look like the peaks shown in photos of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and (b) to re-vamp the stream, adding a waterfall on the left-hand module, and narrowing the stream bed so that it becomes a fast-flowing mountain stream, with all that that entails (rapids, people rafting, etc.)

We are approximately 40% into the task of improving the scenery.

A great job has been done by the students and their CMRCI mentors over 2017. Thanks are due to everyone involved.

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